Visited the Fort Worth Zoo with the family

Lion at the Fort Worth Zoo

Lion at the Fort Worth Zoo

My kids love the zoo. If we go to a city that has a zoo, you can bet it’s on the to-do list.  We have driven through Fort Worth many times, but never really stopped to do anything there.  It’s usually just a city we drive through to get somewhere else.  Honestly, I can’t think of anything we have went to Fort Worth for.  I stopped once to get some cityscape photos, but even those I was not very happy with.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not have an issue with Fort Worth; I just can’t think of anything I would go there for.  Well, this time we put the Fort Worth Zoo on the list.  It was recommended by a few friends who thought it was a great zoo.  After hearing the hype, we were kind of looking forward to it.  The kids love animals.  They get all excited at new zoos.

We stayed the night before in Arlington so we could bring the kids to Six Flags over Texas.  That was nice.  The kids also love Six Flags.  I guess our kids love everything.  The night before we were at Great Wolf Lodge.  They loved that also (although Dianna and I was not happy with the stay).  Anyway, back to the zoo.  We woke up, checked out and went to the Fort Worth Zoo.

We were very happy to find out it was half price admission day, until we were squeezed into the crowd.  I think that was the most crowded zoo we had ever been to.  It could have been the price, but I think the layout had some to do with that also.  It was fairly clean, had most of the usual animals, and was decent size.

Overall, it was not all that exciting.  Maybe we have just been to some great zoos.  If you have been to them all, then maybe I would say go check it out.  If not, there are many other zoos I would recommend in Texas before I would the Fort Worth Zoo.  Personally, I like the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco, Texas for my young children.  The San Antonio Zoo has a lot of new sights.  The Dallas Zoo is also nice.  The Houston Zoo is large and has a lot of animals, but seems old.

I don’t see myself back at the Fort Worth Zoo anytime soon.  Even the kids did not care too much about it.  They did have a train, which my 3 year old loved, but I will take him to Zilker Park to get his train fix.

What zoo do you like best?

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