JumpStreet in Cedar Park

JumpStreet in Cedar Park, Texas near Likeline Mall

We took the kids to JumpStreet in Cedar Park, Texas to see what it was like. There is a Groupon for them right now to enter at about half price.

My kids are 5 and 7, so they could only do certain activities. Since they could only do the bounce houses and a small JumpStreet area, we added on the Fun Pass as well for $3 more each. The Fun Pass gets you a swing that drops into foam cubes and a slide that you go down on a tube.

The activities use a lot of energy and seem to be fun for the kids, so I think its worth it (with a discount only). Be aware that the staff seems to be either still learning or just do not care that much. If your kids are younger, keep a close eye on them. The older kids will push them around and cut in line; and the staff seem to be just fine with that. I ended up steaming mad and yelling at talking to the guy manager up front because of this. And, well, he really didn’t care that much either.

I am writing this post as the kids are playing, so I will add more after the fun is over.

[ Update ] Overall, the kids liked it. Other than one incident, the kids could care less about the issues there. It’s overpriced and you get bad service in return. I don’t see us going back.

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