Stock Photography

US FlagI have an ever growing portfolio of high resolution, top quality stock photos available online with many of the world’s leading stock photography agencies. A large portion of my stock portfolio is listed at microstock prices (What is Microstock Photography?) which means you can license many of my photos at full resolution for about $10 USD each.

Some agencies handle my editorial stock; some represent my higher priced stock; and others do better with my travel stock photos. There are many reasons why I list my images where I do; but my most common stock photography is listed with microstock agencies.

Microstock Agencies I Recommend

Since I have an exhaustive list of agencies I work with, I do not plan to list them all here. I would recommend anyone looking to license my images do so from Shutterstock. Agencies represent your images and help license them, but they usually keep most of the profit. Although this is still true when it comes to Shutterstock, I feel they provide the best overall balance for the photographer and image buyer in the microstock photo market.

If you prefer not to purchase from Shutterstock, I would then recommend checking out my microstock portfolio on Dreamstime. Dreamstime is also a great microstock agency that specializes in direct downloads of single images, but also provides subscription packages. Dreamstime is my “very close second” recommendation for licensing my images.

Thank you for your interest in my work. — Brandon Seidel