Pedernales Falls State Park with the Family

Panoramic Picture of the Pedernales River at Pedernales Falls State Park

Panoramic Picture of the Pedernales River at Pedernales Falls State Park

We visited Pedernales Falls State Park this summer and had a great time. We had always intended to go, but its pretty far for us and we never seem to be in that area.

Well, we had started this day expecting to go to Krause Springs. That ended up being a disaster. We were there maybe 30 minutes and had to leave. It was so crowed and slippery that both I and the other dad with us both busted. All the walkways were blocked by people that did not want to fall themselves. They also did not want to move for people that needed to get through. Add that to the fact that it is extremely slippery and you have the setting for an awesome bloopers video.

I was worried about the kids falling, so I went first to carry them across; fail. The father of the other family we were with had the same idea; fail. I ended up with a bloody elbow. He ended up in the hospital. There is a very good reason you can not even enter the gate until you sign the release. Now, don’t get me wrong; with the proper head gear and pads this place could be great. With four children under 6; not such much.

So… the other family drove to the hospital (it was not life threatening, but he was in a lot of pain). We ended up wrapping my elbow and heading to Pedernales Falls State Park. We were so glad we did. The Pedernales River provided a mostly slip free area for the whole family. The kids loved floating down the river, just make sure you are there to catch them. The river can run fast in some areas.

You can’t swim in the falls area, but there were people fishing.  There was also a nice sandy area the kids seemed to like.  Along the falls there are caves in the rocks the kids had to check out, just be careful of the local wildlife.

There is also free fishing in state parks, and it looked like a fun place to do that. We did not try, but plan to go back and will bring the poles. We had a great time and would recommend this park to anyone.

I will post more photos from the trip in my stock portfolio when I get more time.  Contact me if you are looking for them sooner.

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