Added ClusterShot to my list of Stock Photography Agencies

I had heard of ClusterShot before, but they were still working on “must have” features of the site.  I don’t mind supporting new “agents” as long as it’s not a huge waste of time for me.  So with that, the upload process has to be easy.  When I looked at them before, they still had a long way to go on the upload process.

I checked them out again a few days ago after reading they recently added a lot of new features.  I was happy to find most of the new features focused on ease of use for the artist.  I created an account and started uploading.  Yes, it was easy.  I tried out many of the upload tools to finally decide on using WebDAV.  Once I had that going, I just left it running in the background; easy.

ClusterShot’s approach is different.  Most stock photo agencies take your images and they do the rest.  That’s great and all, except you get stuck with the short end of the stick with profit (and the short end can be really short!).  At ClusterShot, they create and run the site; you create, upload, and market your images.  That’s not to say you will not get sales other ways, but the focus is to allow YOU to sell your images.  In turn, you get to keep 88% of the sale.

So the question is, with the rise and fall of almost all new stock photo agencies, will they make it?  Will 12% be enough to keep everything running and the people on top happy?  Time will tell.  Personally, I hope they do.  They do have a PRO subscription for $20 a year that adds a lot of extra features.  That may help their survival.  I like the clean layout, the to the point navigation, and of course the low 12% commission.

I will keep them on the upload list for a while and see what happens.  I will also use them as my main portfolio site for sells from my website(s) and stock clients.  I will update everyone on my progress when/if there is any.  Currently I have about 750 images uploaded.

Anyone else using ClusterShot?  If so, what do you think?  Any experiences?

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