HDR of the Downtown Houston Texas Cityscape

HDR Photo of Downtown Houston Texas Day Cityscape

An HDR Photo of the Downtown Houston Texas Cityscape on a Bright Day with Clouds

Ok, this was my first HDR that I have played with. I like the image, but it’s very noisy because of the HDR process (and because I am a noob). So, either I need much more practice with HDR (which I do) or that is just what I have to live with when creating HDR images. I am sure someone who knows what they are doing could have rendered a much nicer and less noisy HDR image. I have seen some outstanding HDR images online, just none of them are mine.

This downtown Houston cityscape was made from 3 images with 2 stop differences (-2,0,+2). That adds 4 extra stops of exposure detail range. I like the process and the creativity value, but with the noise and aberration that is added during the process, I will not be putting too much time into it. This would never make it through the stock photography review process.

Thanks for checking out my HDR of the Downtown Houston Texas Cityscape.

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