Right Click to Resize Images

There was this useful tool I had installed in Windows XP that allowed me to quickly resize images by right clicking them. It was a Microsoft PowerToy that you could get free from the Microsoft website. I found myself using it all the time when sending photos in email or uploading.

When I moved to Windows 7 (which I am very happy with so far), I did not think about losing it. The XP powertoy is not available for Windows 7 (that I could find), so I looked for an alternative. Here it is: Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows.

This tool is a “clone” of the XP powertoy and works pretty much exactly like the original. Oh, and its free to use. It supports x32 and x64, so you Vista and 7 x64 users (that includes me and pretty much everyone with a newer Windows computer) are not left out.

A thank you goes out to the developer of this great little app.

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