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Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese

Ok, what’s with the new Chuck E Cheese coupons?  I know prices go up, but the coupons are really becoming worthless.  Buy 100 tokens get a free cheese pizza?  Who wants the cheese pizza?  My boys, who love cheese or pepperoni pizza, will not even eat the cheese pizza there.  Their supreme or meat lovers is ok, but still not close to other fast pizza shops. Maybe they need to pick up the quality of the food, then the food coupons would be better.

We went to Chuck E Cheese for the kid friendly games.  Sure, we would get some hot wings or some appetizers; but we were there for the games.  Now they are practically getting rid of all the token only coupons.

I remember the one they would give you when you signed up for the coupon club; 100 tokens for 10 dollars.  That one was great.  You buy 40 and get 60 free.

Now, you buy 100 for 25 dollars and get a free cheese pizza that ends up in the trash.  No good.  Anyone finding any better deals?  Summer 2012 is here and the kids will be asking.

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